Functional Medicine - Health and wellbeing through 360° approach

We are a doctor-led, multidisciplinary functional medicine clinic in London. We work with you using the 360 Approach to develop a long-term personalised preventative and functional medicine treatment plan.

About 360 Approach

We specialise in disease prevention and treatment of chronic medical conditions with an emphasis on stress-related disorders and cognitive (memory) decline.

The name of our clinic reflects our belief that most medical conditions are a result of multiple factors and that only through addressing these can we truly provide a beneficial and valuable effect.

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The functional medicine approach we take at the 360 Health Clinic in London means we treat individual conditions within the context of your overall health and the realities of how you live your day-to-day life.

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  • I am delighted with the results and also the fact that his very professional training works in my busy life.

    —Lady Celia Dunstone

  • Mark has opened my eyes to my own internal workings as well as the power of being present in my daily activities.

    —Tom Singh, OBE

  • Dr Pucek’s personal approach is what I appreciate in a good doctor, and it is not that easy to find.

    —Anete S.

  • Dr Pucek approaches his work with a sense of humility and integrity which is hard to find these days.

    —Nazeeha H.