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Mark Chesters

I desire to live with freedom, passion, and purpose

Why do I do what I do? This a question that has been a huge part of my drive, passion, and commitment to making a difference to the world as I perceive it.

My younger sister, unfortunately, passed away when she was 25 while traveling in New Zealand. I would say that this was one of the more challenging experiences of my life and I had an opportunity to either drown in my sorrow or use it as a tool to make a difference.

At her funeral, after I had read out my goodbye’s, I made a promise to her.

My promise was to make a difference in this world. To have a positive impact on those who I have the privilege to work with. The difference I choose to make is to help people live life in the most optimal way possible. What I mean by this is Being Physically Optimal, Emotionally Aware and Mentally Focused.

When we have these three attributes aligned and congruent with one another something magical happens. Our lives begin to flow with the natural rhythm of life, we live more in the moment, and our relationship with the outside world becomes more Joyful and Synchronised. I desire to live with freedom, passion, and purpose and in understanding how to do this, I help others do the same with my unique skill set.

Therefore, we invite you to 360 Health Clinic to come to join a group of passionate people who have the common desire to help you live your life optimally on every level possible.