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Dr Pucek approaches his work with a sense of humility and integrity which is hard to find these days.

—Nazeeha H.


Personal approach

Dr Pucek’s personal approach is what I appreciate in a good doctor, and it is not that easy to find. Firstly, he is taking the time to really understand your lifestyle and background before anything else.

I am a firm believer that good health begins in your gut, and that it has a great connection with your diet and lifestyle choices. I feel like Dr Pucek has a similar approach to medicine, and it shows in the way he treats his patients. I have made a few changes in my lifestyle with the advice I have been given, and I could not be happier with the way I feel. My energy levels have increased, along with other significant benefits.

Dr Pucek’s knowledge is up to date, which allows discussing subjects that not every doctor will understand in-depth.

I can e-mail Mateusz for any questions I might have, which is not an option that is always given by a doctor. This makes me feel very welcomed and comfortable. He is the best doctor!

—Anete S.


Dr Mateusz Pucek is an incredibly insightful and patient-centric doctor. His continued commitment to human well-being is visible in his pursuit of evidence-based science, which enable him to make the best decisions for his patients.

Functional Medicine is the new future, and Dr Pucek is right at the forefront of it.

—Dr Sunaina Yadav Chief Innovation Officer & AVP Sara Futura, India

Skilled clinician

I have known Dr Pucek for a number of years, and I have always been impressed by his empathy, patience, and humor. He is a sympathetic, approachable and skilled clinician, but most importantly, he approaches his work with a sense of humility and integrity which is hard to find these days.

—Nazeeha H.

Vitality and well-being

Mark has an incredible and multi-faceted understanding of the human body. With this expertise, I have learned to use and move my body in such a powerful way, maximizing my health, vitality, and well-being.

I have also discovered that there are many layers to his training. His presence and capacity to listen allowed me to bring my life’s challenges to the table. We have been able to transform challenging situations into creative solutions. I trust him, I value his service very much.

And it’s an honor to call him a friend as well.

—Sergio Pagani Chakardjian


I have worked with Mark for over 7 years. At the time, I had just had my first baby and had gained a great deal of weight. My confidence in my abilities to make exercise work for me was rock bottom. Mark worked not just with encouraging me to exercise but also with motivating me to believe I could do it. He has taught me his techniques in Muay Thai, which I love and has encouraged me to get fit. Mark even managed to convince me that I can run! I have now had 3 children, and he has worked tirelessly with me throughout these years.

Quite simply, Mark is Mr Motivator in a very cool and friendly package.

I am delighted with the results and also the fact that his very professional training works in my busy life. It is not only fun but more importantly, effective.

—Lady Celia Dunstone

Excellent asset

When I started working with Mark, it was initially to keep fit and to guide me through my nutrition. I began to realize very quickly that there was a whole lot more to come.

Mark has opened my eyes to my own internal workings as well as the power of being present in my daily activities, where my health and well-being is not only from an external environment but also from the internal one.

He has shown me the importance of understanding stress and the impact it has on my body and given me tools to negate this stress.

Every time I work with Mark, I feel clearer, more aligned and energized, which improves my function for the days ahead.

He is an excellent asset to my life.

—Tom Singh, OBE

Sense of confidence

I can honestly say that physical training was not the highest desire on my list of things to do. My body felt restricted and limited, and so I had my reservations but decided to go ahead.

What a difference it has made to my life. I feel fitter, stronger and can do things today I could not do 10-15 years ago. What Mark is really good at is understanding my body and mindset.

He quickly realized my strengths and enjoyments when it came to movement and tapped into those very quickly. This immediately gave me confidence because I was able to get better at things very quickly, which gave me a sense of confidence and focus on getting the best out of myself.

—David Roberts