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Digestive Health Specialists in London

At 360 Health Clinic nutrition and gut issues are among the first things we consider when we assess chronic conditions

It’s currently estimated that around half of all GP visits in the UK relate to what are commonly known in the health sector as ‘medically unexplained’ conditions – and of these, a large number concern digestive health issues such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome, or IBS, and acid reflux.

Digestive distress is unpleasant and frustrating for those who live with it, yet despite the fact IBS, specifically, is thought to affect around 20 per cent of all UK adults, there is currently no blanket cure for it.

Functional digestive disorders are extremely common and are defined as problems relating to the function of the digestive system as opposed to structural issues that can be observed, such as blockages or malformities.

Understanding of these issues within the traditional medical fraternity is still remarkably sketchy, but what is certain is that functional digestive health issues can be triggered by unrelated causes (stress is thought to be a primary contributing factor to IBS, for example) and can themselves trigger other conditions.

Disorders of the gut also contribute to multiple conditions such as dementia, anxiety, depression, cardiovascular disease, inflammatory conditions and others, whilst good gut health can be influenced by stress management, good sleep and regular exercise.

In addition to IBS and reflux, functional digestive health issues can also include chronic episodes of diarrhoea, food intolerances, microbiome disorders and inflammatory bowel disease.

Some doctors, though, have reported that when they have treated a digestive health problem, other symptoms relating to other conditions also often improve. In one case, reported by Dr Mark Hyman, a pioneer of functional medicine, treating a digestive health issue caused by poor diet also eradicated his patient’s severe and chronic eczema.

At 360 Health Clinic nutrition and gut issues are among the first things we consider when we assess chronic conditions as it is often here that the underlying causes of the condition can be found.

We are specialists in the diagnosis of gut conditions and use lifestyle functional medicine interventions, targeted supplements and traditional medication to resolve issues relating to digestive health.

And because one of the key principles of functional medicine is that it is a medical approach that can be taken in tandem traditional medicine, we are able to work alongside and refer to other medical practitioners and care providers where necessary.

For more information or if you would like to speak to our digestive health specialists in London, please contact us today.

Digestive Health Specialists London